Queen nominees give good impression of today's youth

Nise's Notes
by Denise Schoppe

The Marlin Democrat
October 12, 2005

This Friday night, four high school senior girls will vie for the title of Homecoming Queen. Three others will be honored as representatives of their class in the Homecoming Court.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet all of these young women. I'm far enough out of high school that I wasn't sure what to expect. I've lost touch with that age group, and I had a strange disconnected feeling going into Marlin High School.

Sure, I remember high school clearly. However, it is with the finer details of everyday life of a teenager that I've admittedly lost touch. I've come to know what the media, television, movies and magazines have told me about "kids today." I've become bogged down in the less-positive view many of these mediums have.

Therefore, I admittedly met with "the girls" prepared for anything... or so I thought.

What I found myself face-to-face with are seven young women who left me very impressed. You hear so much about the bad that you can easily forget how much good there is in any situation. I'd forgotten how amazing high school girls can be — full of life, dreams, and good spirits. As I witnessed their interactions, my high school days came back to me and for a little while I felt like I was 18 again as well. There was laughter, and yet there was a feeling of seriousness underlying it all. There was light-hearted ribbing, and yet a feeling of respect came through as well.

Granted I do not know any of the ladies personally, and I know that the hour I spent around them was not enough to get a full idea of who they each are individually. However, first impressions are the ones that make the most impact on a person. My first impression of them was simply one of being completely impressed.

We are taught to respect our elders, but we should also realize we need to respect the youth as well. Youth can easily be stereotyped in a negative fashion, and yet I received no negative feelings from or towards these ladies. I respect them, and I received a feeling of respect back. I believe the choices for Homecoming Queen — Brittney, Amber, Brittany and Robyn — are all a good choice; that no matter which one is crowned she'll deserve it. I also believe the junior, sophomore and freshmen classes should be proud of their choice to represent them. Shyteria, Destiny and Sharkeria have all already given a positive impression of your class.

I drove away from MHS feeling like I'd been taught a lesson. Don't go into a situation with preconceived notions. People will always surprise you. I'd gone in prepared to meet a group of girls I'd have a hard time getting to cooperate with me. What I got was a group of young adults who made me feel alot better about the future and those who will be leading our country some day.

Congratulations, ladies, for your placement on the Homecoming Court. It's an honor you will never forget.

Thank you, also, for the respect you showed me and for restoring my faith in today's youth.


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