Oct. 30th, 2008

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To the Editor,

Ten years ago, I was editor of The Yoeman Arrow, and I was pleased to find that the Arrow has returned to the Herald this year (Oct. 16 issue).

We are in a time of great change in our country. It is an election year -- a historical one at that. We are in what could be considered the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Losing Alcoa in Milam County has put a heavy strain on many of our neighbors.

But as we deal with these things that have such an impact financially and in turn mentally and emotionally, we can’t lose sight of our youth. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, neighbor or new to the area, as we today pave the road for our youth, it won’t be long before our youth are making their own paths. I, for one, am curious what paths we can expect to see in the future. One way to anticipate that is by knowing what is going on with our youth right now. Even as a senior in high school, I always felt having The Yoeman Arrow as a part of The Cameron Herald helped to keep the schools in front of everyone.

When I was editor of the school newspaper, I didn’t know at that time what kind of a profound effect that experience would have on me through the following years. It not only helped me start to learn a trade, it also taught me about being committed to a finished product and taking pride in what I was doing. I applaud the students and Ms. Doskocil for taking on the task of bringing the paper back to the city, and in turn for giving everyone a glimpse into the activities and opinions of students. Thank you, also, to The Cameron Herald for running the Arrow for all to see. I can’t wait for the next issue!

Denise (Schoppe) Mattox
Nashville, TN



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