Dec. 21st, 2005

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One final entry

Nise's Notes
By Denise Schoppe

The Marlin Democrat
December 21, 2005

This column has proven itself harder to write than I ever expected it to be, as with this column, I close the book on "Nise's Notes" and my time in Marlin comes to an end.

This last year and a half has left a mark on my life that will last forever. Many people in this town I will consider friends for life. i've laughed with you. I've cried with you. I've listened to your stories and tried to share them with others. I've told you many of my own stories.

My time here at the Democrat has provided me with experiences I'd probably never have had any other way. There have been countless times that I've thought to myself, "I have the coolest job around."

I have truly grown to think of Marlin as "my town." When I speak of city happenings I use terms like "we," "us," and "ours." I have several purple shirts purchased specifically with the Bulldogs in mind, and I've cheered for the Bulldogs and the Chilton Pirates through their endeavors to reach that state football title. I can't wait to see various projects come to fruition in time; I've come to feel like I have an interest in them, if only from afar.

At the heart of Marlin is good people. This town has an abundance of people ready to stretch out a helping hand. It is with an outstretched hand that people wave as you pass by their homes, or share a high-five when something positive is accomplished. It is with an gentle hand that people console one another in times of sadness. It is through outstretched hands towards one another that the town can progress, and hopefully some day reach the peak of grandeur it had in the days of the bath houses.

Sure, Marlin has its problems. What city doesn't? The problems of Marlin are not unique to Marlin. The same financial troubles, need for better streets, and the battle of genders, race and religion are echoed in city after city in America. This world is a cynical place because of these kinds of problems.

Nonetheless, I am off to explore more of this world — cynicism and all.

After a long holiday vacation and the tedious process of packing up all my possessions, I am moving to Nashville, Tennessee. No, I can't sing, and I haven't even touched my flute from high school band in six years. This move is primarily for personal reasons. However, the added bonus is that I've had my Music City as my goal, since I was in high school, to persue my professional ambitions.

I am very excited about what is to come. It's all wide open and unknown, which is a little scary! However, fear is trumped by excitement, as is the sadness in seeing my time here end.

I am indeed sad to leave. I will miss everyone, and I am certain I will check in regularly to see what is up in Marlin. I'll even probably feel a little bit of jealousy and maybe even be a little territorial towards whomever takes this position behind me. I've grown to care about everyone here, and you've all taught me a lot. Thank you for that and for welcoming me so graciously into your town. Thanks for your friendship, and thank you for giving me your time every week to ramble about whatever is on my mind at the moment.

So as I leave the city limits of Marlin one last time, I wave good-bye from my big black Ford truck with a tinge of sadness, and I look ahead with a giddy excitement.

Thanks again...


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