‘Tis the season . . . and letter-writing time, too!

Nise's Notes
by Denise Schoppe

The Marlin Democrat
December 14, 2005

Next week, The Marlin Democrat will be publishing the Santa letters of local school children and getting them ready to send them to the North Pole. While they letters are being processed by our own group of elves, I thought I’d follow the children’s lead and write my own letter.

Dear Santa,
It’s hard to believe Christmas time has come once again. I think time does go faster as each year passes.

I remember as a child that Christmas seemed to take forever to arrive. Every day was almost excruciatingly long as I wanted for that magical time to come. I’d always leave milk and cookies out for you, and somehow I never questioned how you got into our house as we didn’t have a fireplace. I didn’t want to know. It was all a part of the magic of Christmas.

Christmas was always my grandma’s favorite season, and that meant the holiday was always done with a tasteful level of flair. On either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, the family would all gather at my grandparent’s house for a huge meal.

After we ate, everyone would find a way to squeeze into the living room for carols, jokes, poems, Christmas stories and, of course, gift exchange. You even made an appearance one year! There would be pictures galore, and it never failed that there would be at least one of the grandkids unhappy and unconsolable... for a little while at least.

I don’t think there was a doubt in anyone’s mind that Christmas was going to be the last in which we all got together. I think we all hugged a little tighter at the end of the night, as years of a tradition came to a close.

The family has grown since that last Christmas, but it has also broken apart into the individual families make their own traditions. A few of my grandparent’s children are now grandparents themselves. And while the holiday is done differently than it was done when I was a child, it is still magical when the day arrives.

However, I’ve found myself so caught up in everything else that elements of the season have gone past me. Christmas is only eleven days away, and I wonder where the time went.
Santa, what I want for Christmas is to live in the moment and be amazed by its singular joy. I spend so much time focused on what needs to be done next, or on what I forgot to do, that I miss right now. This is the season to be in the here and now.

Please bring joy to everyone. This is a hard season for so many people. They need a helping hand to get through.

As you travel the world on Christmas Eve, please bring the childhood feeling of Christmas to all — whether they are newborn or nearing the end of their life. There is a different feel to Christmas Eve night. No matter the weather, the world seems to be bathed in the glow of a calming peace around midnight on Christmas.

Have a safe trip that night... and we will all see you again next year.

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