Nov. 2nd, 2005

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Marlin police recover stolen merchandise
by Denise Schoppe
Staff writer

The Marlin Democrat
November 02, 2005

Marlin Police Department recovered stolen merchandise from a home in Marlin following a three and a half week investigation.

Suspected organized criminal activity prompted the issuance of a search warrant for 433 Chambers in Marlin by County Judge Tom Sehon. Marlin Police officers, with the assistance of the Falls County District Attorney’s office, executed the search warrant. After gaining entrance into the home, the stolen merchandise was discovered, and after receiving consent from the homeowner, Sylvia Tobias, the search continued and the merchandise was confiscated.

Items recovered were two DVD players, a VCR, a PlayStation 2 system, Nintendo 64 system, an XBOX, 51 DVD movies, 256 CDs and several spray cans of paint that may have been used in graffiti markings around Marlin.

The items recovered were taken from homes throughout Marlin as well as other jurisdictions. Arrest warrants are currently pending for several juveniles and one adult, names being withheld, suspected of taking part in the thefts.

“They are a self-proclaimed criminal street gang,” Detective Sgt. A.P. Turner said. “They’re out of control.”
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Grant to provide social workers to MISD schools

by Denise Schoppe
Staff writer

The Marlin Democrat
November 02, 2005

The Marlin Independent School District was presented a $40,000 grant from the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation on Monday, Oct. 24, which will allow for the placement of two social workers in the schools to help care for the various needs of students.

Officials with MCYC, Bernard and Audry Rapoport, and school and city officials were all on hand to celebrate all the good the grant will do for Marlin ISD students.

“When you care about children and families and show them the way to go and give them a path, they will be successful,” Cindy Michaelis, MCYC director of development, said.

The social workers will be coming to Marlin ISD through the Community in Schools program of MCYC. Its mission is to connect community resources and schools to help young people learn, stay in school and prepare for life. It is part of the nation’s largest stay-in-school network.

“Typically, Communities in Schools has about a 98 percent success rate, and we fully expect to see that in Marlin,” Michaelis said.

Communities in Schools oversees 25 campuses in McLennan and Falls Counties, and places a social work professional on a public school campus to be available to help students. The services the workers provide include supportive guidance, health and human service referral, giving opportunities to get parents involved, training in necessary employment skills, and a focus on increasing academic performance.

Marlin ISD will place a social worker in the elementary school and in the high school. The two will share responsibilities over the middle school.

Marlin Elementary School students were on hand to present the Bernard and Audre Rapoport a gift of thanks for their decision to provide Marlin with the grant.

Mr. Rapoport said that it is through a combination of love and education that the best outcome results.

“The $40,000 is just an affirmative to our dedication about the type of life we want to provide children,” Rapoport said. “You’re doing your part to make better citizens, and we will do our part.”

The Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation focuses on helping programs that benefit children in the areas of education, arts and culture, healthcare, community building and social services, and democracy and civic participation. Organizations that have benefited in the past from support by the Rapoport Foundation include Cesar Chavez Middle School in Waco, Carter BloodCare, Caritas of Waco and World Hunger Relief, Inc.


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